Phone Script for 2017 Advocacy Request

We need your help and it will only take a few minutes of your time.  The budget proposal for FY 2017-18 submitted by the Governor, as well as the appropriations bill passed by the House, suggests level funding for grants to the arts at $9.59 million (PA Council on the Arts) and $2 million for cultural and historical support through the PA Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC).  But neither of these program have been included in either budget.  We applaud both the Governor and the House of Representatives for looking to new ways of funding arts and culture but too much uncertainty surrounds the various methods being explored for this fiscal year.

The House bill now rests in the PA Senate Appropriations Committee. While it is being reviewed, we are asking our readers to call both their State Legislator and their State Senator to ask these line items be restored to the General Fund Appropriations Bill.  We have created a script to help you with these telephone calls.  You can locate your legislators contact information by visiting our Action Center for Arts & Culture and entering your zip code in the box under "Find Officials."  This call will only take you two or three minutes.

Here's the suggested script:

Good Morning (Afternoon), 
I'm a constituent of Representative/Senator John Doe and I live in (City/Town) in the (Zip code) zip code.  I'm calling to ask theRepresentative/Senator to support a PA General Fund budget for FY 2017-18 that includes $9.59 million for Grants to the Arts through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) and $2 million for Historical and Cultural Support through thePennsylvania Historical and Museums Commission.  Both Governor Wolf's budget proposal and House Bill 218 do not include these items.  These line items support nonprofit arts and culture organizations across Pennsylvania which, in turn, generate over $2.5 billion in economic activity for the state and support 81,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

I hope I can count on the Representative's/Senator's support.  Thank you for your time.

Once again, if you need help locating phone numbers for your legislators visit our Action Center for Arts & Culture and type your zip code in the "Find Officials" box or you can contact Jenny Hershour at for help.